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Coefficient Of Mutual Induction

The coefficient of mutual induction (M) can be determined from any one of the following three relations.

First Method: In case the dimensions of the coils are given, the coefficient of mutual induction may be determined from the relation

 L  =  N1N2aμrμo  henrys

Second Method: In case magnitude of induced e.m.f. in the second coil for a given rate of change of current n the first coil is known, mutual inductance between the coils may be determined form the following relation

em = M di1

or  M =   em

Third Method: In case the number of turns of the coil and flux linking with this coil per ampere of current in another coil is known, the mutual inductance of the coil may be determined from the following relation.

M = N2 2  Henry

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