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Earthing And Its Importance

The term ‘earthing’ means connecting the neutral point of a supply system or the non-current carrying parts of electrical apparatus to the general mass of earth in such a manner that at all times an immediate discharge of electrical energy takes place without danger.

The function f earthing is two fold.

1.    It is for ensuring that no current carrying conductor rises to a potential with respect to general mass of earth than its designed insulation.

2.    It is for the safety of the human being from the electric shocks.
In an electric installation, if a metallic part of an electric appliance comes n direct contact with a bare or live wire (that may be due to failure of insulation f otherwise) the metal being a good conductor of electricity is charged and static charge on it will accumulate. Now if any person comes in contact with this charged metal part, he will get a severe shock. But if the metallic parts of the appliances are earthed, the charge will be transferred to the earth immediately, as the metallic part com in direct contact with a bare or live wire or break down occurs. And as the discharge takes place to earth, the impedance of path of the current is low, a large amount of current flows to earth, the instant, the current exceeds the limiting value, the fuse provided n the circuit will blow off and cut off the appliance from supply. Thus to provide safety to the users as well as for the operating and maintenance personnel it is essential to provide earthing.

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