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Engineering Economics

Also known as Engineering Economy, Engineering Economics is the study of a project on larger framework where economic viability of the project is meticulously analyzed. Engineering Economics is important for students of industrial management for planning, scheming, speculating cost-benefit of a project & in accordance to time value of money. The subject offers insight over capital cost, operating and preservation costs, royalties or fees, taxes, the cost of interest and return rate, present value concepts and payouts regarding an engineering project.

Engineering Economics aims at offering its students an advanced concept of engineering economic analysis as well as its role in engineering decision making. It is designed to offer the students the tools required for hard presentation of the effect of the time value of money on engineering projects along with its larger impact on the capacity to act in accordance to ethical and efficient professionalism.

Additionally, Engineering Economics deals with topics such as depreciation, after-tax analysis, replacement analysis, inflation, uncertainty, devaluation, and approximation of future events. The course also deals with compulsory knowledge for any project management professional in engineering fields. Furthermore, an engineering economy study includes technical deliberations and it is a contrast between technical substitutes in which the alterations between the substitutes are articulated so far as feasible in economy aspect.

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