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Magnetic Parallel Circuits

In series circuits, all parts of the magnetic circuit carry same flux and total ampere-turns required to create a given flux is the arithmetic sum of the ampere-turns required for individual parts of the circuit.

But if the various paths of the magnetic circuit are in parallel, as shown in the ampere-turns required for the combination is equal to the ampere thorns required to create the given flux in one path.

For example for the circuit shown in paths ABCD and AFED are in parallel, so ampere-turns required to create flux θ1 in path ABCD is equal to ampere-turns required to create flux θ2 in path AFED and also equal to the ampere-turns required for both of te paths.

Hence total ampere-turns required for magnetic circuit shown in
= AT for path DA+AT for path ABCD
= AT for path DA+AT for path AFED

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