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Peltier Effect

In peltier noticed an effect complementary to Seebeck effect. The evolution and absorption heat energy at junctions of a thermo-couple, when a current is passed through it, is called as Peltier effect.

Consider again the Cu-Fe thermo couple containing a battery which sends the current from iron to copper. The effects are shown in the.

Courses of Heating and Cooling at the Junctions: Contact potential difference between two dissimilar metals of thermo-couple results in heating and cooling, potential of iron is higher than that of copper. Hence for a current flowing from copper to iron i.e. from a lower to higher potential at B energy is required to do this work, which is absorbed from the junction B and that’s why junction B is cooled.

At junction A current flows from iron to copper i.e. from higher to lower potential, therefore, heat energy is evolved and heats up the junction A.

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