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Power is defined as the rate of doing work or the amount of work done in unit time,

The M.K.S. or S I unit of power is the joule/second r watt. In practices, the watt is often found to be inconveniently small and so a bigger unit, the kilowatt is frequently used.

The unit of power in various other systems of units are ergs/sec, ft-poundals/sec, kgf-m/sec, gm-cm/sec, ft-Ibs/sec.

The bigger unit of power, most commonly used in engineering practice (not at all in S I system) are Horse power defined as below:

Horse power (British): It is British practical unit of power and is equal to 550 ft-Ibs of work done per second or 746 watts,

Metric Horse Power: It is British practical unit of power in m.k.s, system (not in S I system) which according to I.S.I. specifications is equal to 75 kgf-m of work done per second.

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