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Thermo-Electric Power

It is defined as the rate of change of thermo-electric e.m.f with temperature.

Mathematically, thermo- electric power at temperature T is given by

P = dE

where dE is the thermo-electric-e.m.f. developed in a thermocouple having a temperature of hot junction increased by dT from ToC

Since the equation of thermo-electric e.m.f is written as

E = pAB T + 1qAB T2
Differentiating both sides with respect to T we get

dE  = pAB + qAB T
Thermo-electric power , P = dE

Thermo-electric power diagram

It is of the form y = mx+ c and therefore graph between thrmo-elelctri power dE and temperature is a
straight line. This straight line crosses the temperature axis at a neutral temperature point i.e. when T = Tn = -pAB .

At neutral temperature. dE  = 0

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