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Company Promotion

Meanings of Promotion And Promoter

Promotion is the process of exploring, investigation, planning and organization of resources with the purpose of setting up a business enterprise. It refers to a series of business activities by which a business enterprise is brought into existence.

“Promotion is the discovery of business opportunities, and the subsequent organization of funds, property and managerial ability into a business concerns for the purpose of making profits therefore. “Promotion begins when a promoter discovers an idea regarding some business and ends up with the launching of a n enterprise as a going concern.

A promoter is one who conceives the idea of a business enterprise. He analyses its prospects and works out a tentative scheme for organization. He brings together men, materials, machines, money and managerial ability and floats the enterprise.

“ A promoter is a businessman, who gives birth to a company after securing knowledge of the business world. “ A promoter may be an individual, a firm association or even a company engaged in the formation of the company. That means whosoever performs the functions of a promoter is known as promoter.

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