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Concept of Creativity

There is a popular notion that creativity is a mysterious process performed by gifted or brilliant mind. It is largely a product of sweaty trial and error. To be creative a person must work hard to generate multiple solutions. Creativity is a prerequisite for innovation and it can be developed in any individual especially when there is concern for excellence. It is an accepted fact that concert for excellence is a common trait of most of the successful entrepreneurs. Hence, to become an entrepreneur one should develop creativity in oneself.

Creativity is defined as the ability to bring something new into existence. The emphasis is on the “ability” and not the activity of bringing something new  into existence. A creative person must concretive of something new and envision how it will be useful to the society. The action for putting the conceived idea to use is another issue. Even if no effort is made to follow up the conceived new idea, the person is a creative person.

In the present era of globalization, competition is so intense that creativity is an effective tool that enables an entrepreneur to take organizational decisions which will help in its surgical and growth. The creativity process requires:

1.    Convergent thinking
2.    Divergent thinking.

Convergent thinking refers to solving problem in a pre-defined manner. It pre-supposes existence of a solution to a given problem and aims at rationally adapting that solution.

Divergent thinking does not solve the problem inure-defined way. It views different aspects of there problem or views the problem in different ways and attempts to search alternative courses of action to find the best solution.

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