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Entrepreneur Development Programme

Entrepreneurial development is a process in which persons are prepared to face business uncertainties and risks. This is possible with proper education, training, motivation, orientation and re-orientation of entrepreneurs. EDP seeks to sharpen entrepreneurship’s main characteristics are knowledge, vision, planning, organizing, co-coordinating, controlling, hard work and dynamism.

Entrepreneurial Development Programme (EDP) means a programmed deigned to help young entrepreneurs in strengthening their enter motive and in acquiring skills and capabilities necessary for playing their entrepreneurial role effectively. It is necessary to promote this understanding of motives and their impact on entrepreneurial values and behavior for this purpose.

EDP means inculcating entrepreneurial traits into a person, imparting the required knowledge, developing the technical, financial marketing and managerial skills and building the entrepreneurial attitude. EDP is mainly meant for developing enterprises. It covers three main variables; location, target group and terries. Any of these can become a starting point for initiating and implementing EDP. The remaining two have to follow by making proper synthesis with the fist. EDP is a continuous process of training and motivating entrepreneurs so as to enable them to start new business ventures.

Objectives of EDPs

The main objectives of EDPs are as follows:

(i)    To identify the potential entrepreneurs
(ii)    To develop necessary knowledge and skills among the participants;
(iii)    To develop and strengthen entrepreneurial quality and motivation.
(iv)    To provide follow up assistance
(v)    To analyze environmental issues related to small industry and small business;
(vi)    To understand to process and produced of setting up of small enterprise.
(vii)    To select project and products.
(viii)    To formulate project reports.
(ix)    To import knowledge about the sources of help and support needed for launching small enterprises.
(x)    To provide follow up assistance.
(xi)    To provide gainful self-employment to educated youth in the country.
(xii)    To make the entrepreneur analyze the relevant business environment and understand the producers and laws involved in establishing small scale enterprises.
(xiii)    To develop in entrepreneurs the art of communication and coordination.
(xiv)    To enable the entrepreneur to build an effective organization to achieve enterprise goals.
(xv)    To train the entrepreneur to understand environmental treats and opportunities.
(xvi)    To train the entrepreneur to take strategic decisions to survive and grow in the competitive world.

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