Essential Attitudes Of Successful Entrepreneurs

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Essential Attitudes of Successful Entrepreneurs

Attitude is an important trait needed for an entrepreneurial career. Entrepreneurs need to have positive attitudes. Some of the essential attitudes required of the entrepreneurs are as follows:

1.    Attitude towards Imagination. Entrepreneurs are visionaries as they visualize opportunities in the environment. They also imagine the ways by which they ca solve the problems faced by the people. They are quick to analyze the facts, perceive a given situation and identify the strengths and weaknesses of the situation, find opportunities for innovation, growth and development. They integrate intuition with imagination to make a new meaning, a new product or anew service.

2.    Attitude towards Risk. Entrepreneurs are inclined to take calculated risks to introduce something new and earn higher profits. But they are not gamblers.

3.    Attitude towards Initiative. Entrepreneurs have a tendency to false initiative and not remain just onlookers. The are basically leaders and not followers. They endeavor to convert their dreams into reality.

4.    Attitude for looking new opportunities. Entrepreneurs are always been to locate new opportunities and start new ventures to make use of the opportunities.

5.    Attitude towards changes. Entrepreneurs have a positive attitude towards change. They love change as change is the law of life. The accept challenges thrown open by the changes in the environment.

6.    Attitude towards freedom of expression and action. Entrepreneurs have a tendency to enjoy freedom of expression and action. They do not feel happy getting instructions from others. This tendency very often results in their giving up a jobs or employment and trying their own ventures. Since they value independence and ownership, they like to think on their own and act accordingly.

7.    Attitude towards performance (successful completion of targets). Entrepreneurs value performance, that too an outstanding performance. Successful completion of the task is an indicator of their performance-whether they are performing well or not. They have a tendency to complete task against odds. This gives them immense satisfaction after the performance of the task.

8.    Attitude towards personal capacity. Entrepreneurs tend to believe in their capacity to influence the environment. They have a tendency to change it rater than leave everything to luck or to forces beyond their control. This naturally emerges out of their value for work, which makes them believe that anything and everything can be achieved through their own efforts. They think that in any given situation they can change and influence the environment.

9.    Attitude towards Building Relations or Networking. Entrepreneurs often lack various resources required to complete a venture or project. If they have networking with the suppliers of various resources such as capital, machinery, materials, etc. many of their difficulties are solved. Thus, entrepreneurs should have positive attitude towards networking or building relations with the suppliers of various resources.

10.    Attitude toward customers. Entrepreneurs have respect for their customers and so they put the customers first. They accord top priority to customer satisfaction, and maintain an expert saesforce that is given the responsibility of building customer trust. The success of a business rests to a great extent on the ability of the entrepreneur to listen to the customer to find out quickly what the customer wants. This feedback is of immense importance as it helps the entrepreneur in bringing about changes in the contents, quality and delivery of the product.

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