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Features of Attitudes

The important characteristics of attitudes are as follows:

(a)    Attitudes affect Behavior. People have the natural tendency to maintain consistency between two attitudes or attitude and behavior. Attitudes can lead to intended behavior if there is no external intervention.

(b)    Attitudes are Invisible. Attitudes constitute a psychological phenomenon which cannot be directly observed. However, we may observe an attitude indirectly thought observing its consequences. For example, if a person highly productive, we may infer that he has a positive towards his work.

(c)    Attitudes are Acquired. Attitudes are gradually learnt over a period of time. The process of learning attitudes starts right from childhood and continues throughout the life of a person attitude of a child. For example, if the family members have a positive attitude toward business and negative towards service, there is a greater likelihood that child will inculcate similar attitudes towards these objects.

(d)    Attitudes are Pervasive. Attitudes are formed in the process of socialization and may relate to anything in the world. For example, a person may have so on. At our place of work, we have attitudes towards work, superiors peers, subordinates, clients, Government and its policies, investors and so on. Thus there is a endless list of attitude objects.

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