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Financial Feasibility

Scrutiny of the financial aspects involves and an analysis of the working results, balances sheets, and cash flow for the last few years in the case of an existing concern and also an examination of the following aspects in exiting as well as new projects:

(i)    TH estimated cost of the project. Requirement of fixed and working caption.

(ii)    Financing of project with reference to the capital structure, promoter’s contribution to the total project, debt-equity ratio and the availability of anticipated resources.

(iii)    Critical examination of the applicant’s existing investment, if any, in other concerns or any trading activates other than normal industrial activities.

(iv)    Projection of future profitability.

(v)    Projection of cash flow, both during the construction and operation periods, of the project.

(vi)    Internal rate of return, debt service coverage, domestic resources cost, both in respect of import substitute on and export promotion aspects, etc.

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