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Forms of Creativity

The different forms of creativity are as follows:

(i)    Creative Representation. It needs intimate knowledge of whatever is sought to be represented and also a freshness of perspective. The child creativity is largely representational. Child directly paints with his available skills what he and thinks.

(ii)    Abstractive and Inferential Creativity. It needs a capacity to penetrate the fog. the noise and other directions and to see what it all adds up to. The capacity to transform a mess into a logical structure or design is needed the most for this sort of creativity. The capacity to build models out of the mess (that is simplified reality) and spot anomalies are important for this sort for creativity. The creativity of the scientists is abstractive and inferential where they are expected to discover the hidden patterns and code o things.

(iii)    Elaborative Creativity. It deals with the process of flushing out imaginatively an insight or an abstraction or an inspired idea. It requires strength in associative thinking, i.e., in the capacity to think of association of one’s core ideas, the ability to develop an idea, see its consequences and applications, etc. There is a sort of chain reaction in which the core idea gets linked to other ideas which in turn gets linked to still other ideas and so on.

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