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Creating a need in the market for the enterprise is one of the main requirements of success of the entrepreneur. This calls for intense perseverance on the part of the entrepreneur. As entrepreneurship is a complex process covering various parameters of the society, it is very difficult for any enterprise to be successful in the first attempt. Therefore, the failures or roadblocks to success and achievement should not deter the entrepreneur. He needs to have the quality of perseverance. Behavioral skills to persist even when the failure is visible are the tests of a successful entrepreneur. The ability of persistence is indicative of the following:

(a)    The faith of the entrepreneur in the system.
(b)    The exactitude of the tools used in the system
(c)    The confidence in the quality of the product or the services.
(d)    The understanding of the entrepreneur about the market.
(e)    The conviction of the entrepreneur to succeed.

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