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Proposed Business Plan

1.    General Introduction
(a)    Name and address of business.
(b)    Name and address of entrepreneurs(s).
(c)    Stakeholders of business.
(d)    Nature of business.
(e)    Types and nature of customers.

2.    Business Venture/Project
(a)    Product(s) to be offered.
(b)    Service(s) to be offered.
(c)    Scale of business operations.
(d)    Type of technology to be used.
(e)    Type of skilled personnel required.
(f)    Location of production facilities.

3.    Organizational Plan
(a)    From of ownership : sole tradership, partnership, or joint stock company.
(b)    Identification of business associates/patners/memebers, etc.
(c)    Administrative structure.
(d)    Identification of management team.

4.    Production Plan

(a)    Details of manufacturing process.
(b)    Physical infrastructure required.
(c)    Types of plant and machinery.
(d)    Raw materials to be used.
(e)    Requirements of power, etc.

5.    Human Resource Plan
(a)    Categories of human resources or staff required.
(b)    Human resources already identified.
(c)    Human resources required to be procured.
(d)    Time frame of procurement of human resources.

6.    Marketing Plan

(a)    Products and services offered.
(b)    Pricing policies.
(c)    Promotional strategies,
(d)    Logistics of redistribution.
(e)    Channels of distribution.

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