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Significance of Motivation

Rensis Likert has called motivation as the ‘core of management’. Motivation is an important function which every manager performs for actuating the people to work for the accomplishment of objectives fo the organization. Issuance of well-conceived instructions and orders does not mean that they will be followed. A manager has to make appropriate use of various techniques of motivation to enthuse the employees to follow them. Effective motivation succeeds not only in having an order accepted but also in gaining a determination to see that it is executed efficiently and effectively.

Motivation is an effective instrument in the hands of manager for inspiring the workforce and creating a confidence in it. by motivating the workforce, management creates ‘well to work’ which is necessary for the achievement of pull weight effectively, to give their loyalty to the group, to carry out properly the purpose of the organization. The following results may be expected if the employees are properly motivated:

(i)    The workforce will be better satisfied if management provides them with opportunities to fulfil their physiological and psychological needs. The workers will cooperate voluntarily with the management and will contribute their maximum towards the goals of the enterprise.

(ii)    Workers will tend to be as efficient as possible by improving upon their skills and knowledge so that they are able to contribute to the progress of the organization. This will also result in increased productivity.

(iii)    The rates of labour turnover and absenteeism among the workers will be low.

(iv)    There will be good human relations in the organization as friction among the workers themselves and between the workers ant the management will decrease.

(v)    The number of complaints and grievances will come down. Accident rate will also be low.

(vi)    There will be increase in the quantity and quality of products. Wastage and scrap will be less. Better quality of products will also increase the public image of the business.

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