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United Nations’ Move For Global Economy

United Nations General Assembly convinced the World Summit for Social Development at Copenhagen form March 6 to 12, 1995 to address the urgent and universal need to eradicate poverty, expand productive employment, reduce unemployment, and enhance social integration,. The Summitry provided an impetus for the global development and the social impact of international relations, while reaffirming the impact of international relations, while reaffirming their commitment to individual, family, and community will-being as the fundamental concern of their policies.

The Summit was the largest gathering of Heads of State and Government, with 187 countries participating in the deliberations which produced the Copenhagen Declaration on Social Development and Programmed of Action, and 117 of these countries were represented by Heads of State or Government. In addition,2315 delegates representing 811 non-governmental organizations joined the meeting,demonstring eloquently the vitality and diversity of peoples’ initiative establishing the foundation for a renewed and strengthened partnership  between government  and the actors so civil society.

The Summit was held in the backdrop of numerous events that took place in the years 1994 and after, indicating the trends in which the world body was moving and acting. Mention may be made of the following:

1.    The observance of the International Year for Eradication of Poverty (1996).
2.    The observance of the International Year of the Family (1994).
3.    The meeting o the High-level Advisory Board on Sustainable Development (June 1992_.
4.    The adoption of the Barbados Declaration and Programmed of Acting for the sustainable
       development of Small Island developing states (May 1994).
5.    Organization of a high-level brainstorming workshop for Africa and Least Developed Courtiers
       (January 16-17 1995).
6.   Contributions to the Convention to combat Desertification in countries experiencing drought
7.   The first meeting of that Conference of Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate
      Change (March 18 to April 7, 1995).
8.   The Department of Economic and Social Information and Policy Analysis is conducting
       research in the Untied Nation for the evener action and elaboration of economic demographic,
       social and environmental data and the analysis of national and regional development policies
       and trends. 
9.    The United Nations International Conference on Coal Methane Development an Utilization was
       held in Beijing in October 1995.

The question of Global Economy and Development is also covered in the United Nations by a report on United Nations Conference on Trade and Development. This subject was discussed by the UN at an International Symposium on Trade Efficient during the forty-first session of the Trade and Development Board. This Board also took up a study of analysis and assessment of the final act of the Uruguay Round of Multilateral Trade Nation tins (UNCTAD).

UNCTAD stated implementation of ht decisions taken ruing the review of the Cartagena commitment in May 1994. The commemoration of the 30th Anniversary of UNCTAD at the first part of the Board’s 41st session in September 1994 was the occasion for Member States to reaffirm their full support to the UN and with the conviction that the conference should address in an innovative and action-  or tinted wattle economic issues facing the international community.