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Cash management refers to management of cash balance & the bank balance and also include the short term deposits. The cash is obviously the most important current assets, as it is the most liquid and can be used to make immediate payments. Inefficiency of cash at any stage may prevent a firm from discharging its liabilities or force it sell its other assets immediately. On the other hand , extreme liquidity may take the firm to make uneconomic investments. This underlines the significance of cash management.

The term cash may be used in two different ways:
1)    It may include currency, cheques ,drafts, demand deposits held by a firm i.e., pure cash or generally accepted cash equivalents
2)    In a broader sense, it also includes near cash assets such as marketable securities and short term deposits with banks.
For cash management purpose, the term cash is used in this broader sense i.e., it covers cash , cash equivalents and those which are immediately convertible into cash.

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