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The weights may also be calculated on the basis of the market value of different sources i.e., the proportion of each source a its market value. In order to calculate the market value weights, the firm has to find out the current market price of the securities in each categories. However, a problem may arise if there is no market value available for a particular security. The advantages of using the market value weights may be:

i)    The market value weights are consistent with the concept of maintaining market value in the definition of the overall cost of capital.
ii)    The market value weights provide current estimate of the investor’s required rate of return.
iii)    Te market value weights yield good estimate of the cost of capital that would be incurred should the firm require additional funds from the market.

However, the market value weights suffer from some limitations as follows:

i)    Not only that the market values of all types of securities issued have to be obtained but also that the market value of equity share is to be segregated into capital and retained earnings.
ii)    The market value are subjected to change from time to time and so the concept of optimal capital structure in terms of market values does not remain relevant any longer.
iii)    External factors which affect the market value, will affect the cost of capital also and therefore, the investment decision process will be influenced by the external factors.

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