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Project Planning and Analysis

The role of projects in organisations is receiving increasing attention as the major tool for implementing and achieving the strategic goals of the organisation; consequently achieving sustainable competitive advantage will require a flexible project management driven organisation. Project planning and analysis deals with the identification and evaluation of new projects on variety of factors like market, demand, product mix, cost and finance etc.

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We offer Project Planning and Analysis Assignment Homework help in following areas of Project Planning and Analysis:

  • Project Identification Analysis: Concept of Project I Search for Business Idea, Project Identification, Project Planning Formulation and Analysis, Project Screening and Presentation of Projects for Decision Making; Socio-economic Consideration in Project Formulation; Social Infrastructure Projects for Sustainable Development; Investment Opportunities.

  • Market and Technical Analysis: Market and Demand Analysis – Market Survey, Demand Forecasting, Uncertainties in Demand Forecasting; Technical Analysis- Product Mix, Plant Capacity, Materials and Inputs, Machinery and Equipment. Project Costing and Finance: Cost of project; Cost of production; Break Even Analysis; Means of Financing Project; Role of Financial Institution in Project Finance.

  • Project Appraisal: Time Value of Money; Project Appraisal Techniques – Payback Period, Accounting Rate of Return, Net Present Value, Internal Rate of Return, Benefit Cost Ratio; Social Cost Benefit Analysis; Effective Rate of Return. Risk Analysis: Measures of Risk; Sensitivity Analysis; Stimulation Analysis; Decision Tree Analysis.

  • Project Scheduling/Network Techniques in Project Management: CPM and PERT Analysis; Float Times; Crashing of Activities; Contraction of Network for Cost Optimization, Updating; Cost Analysis of Resources Allocation. Multiple Projects: Project Dependence; Capital Rationing; Ranking Methods of Projects; Mathematical Programming Approach; Linear Programming Model; Post Project Evaluation.

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