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Quantitative Finance

Quantitative finance is the branch of applied mathematics which deals with different financial markets. It consists of lot of mathematical or numerical models without any relation to financial theories. In quantitative finance, importance to mathematical calculations is given in quantitative finance. It is also known as mathematical finance.

Quantitative finance is heavily used in the field of computational finance and financial engineering. Computational finance deals with applications and modeling with help of stochastic asset models. Investment banking, corporate strategic planning, investment management are few areas where computational finance techniques are heavily used. Financial engineering deals mainly on analysis and building tools of implementation for different models.

While quantitative finance used lots of mathematical approaches, it will only be able to produce correct result when it has sufficient amount of data to do the calculations.

Risk and portfolio management and derivatives pricing are two different branches of finances where quantitative finance is extensively used.

For example, when a financial analysts studies structural reasons of a company, a quantitative analyst will take those reason as an input to do quantitative analysis by analyzing the inputs. Arbitrage free pricing is the base of quantitative finance and Black Scholes equation is the key result of it. This is the most dynamic branch of finance which comprises advanced categories of statistical calculations which helps the firm to make strategic decisions.

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