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 The inventory has cost as well as benefits associated with it. While determining the optimum level of inventories, the financial manager must consider the necessity of  holding inventory & cost thereof. The optimum level of inventory is a subjective matter and depends upon the features of  a firm. The following are some of the benefits or reasons for holding inventories.

1) Trading firm:

If the firm has some stock of goods then the sale activity can be undertaken even if the procurement as stopped due to one reason or the other .  Otherwise ,if stock is not there , there is likelihood that the ale will stop as soon as there is an interruption in procurement. Moreover , it is not always possible to procure goods whenever there is a sales opportunity , as there is always a time gap required  between the purchase & sale of the goods. Thus , a trading concern should have some stock of finished goods in order to undertake sales activities independent of each other. A firm may have several incentives being offered in terms of quantity discount or lower price etc. the inventory so purchased, at a discount/lower cost, will result in lowering the total cost resulting in higher to the firm. So , in case of trading concern, the inventory helps in de-linking the sales activity from purchase activity  and also to capitalize a profit of opportunity.

2) Manufacturing firm:

A manufacturing firm should have inventory of not only the finished goods, but also, of raw material  and work-in-progress for obvious reason as follows:

i) Uninterrupted production schedule:

Every firm must have sufficient stock of raw material in order to have regular & uninterrupted production schedule. If there is stock-out of raw material at any stage of production process , then the whole production process may come to a halt. This may result in customer satisfaction as the goods can not be delivered in time. The firm may have to incur heavy cost to restart the production process.
Further , sufficient work-in-progress would let the production process to run smoothly. The work-in-progress helps in fulfillment of sales orders even if the supply of raw material has stopped. 

ii) Independent sales activity:

The production schedule is generally a time consuming process & in most cases goods cannot be produced just after receiving orders. Every manufacturing concern  therefore, maintains a minimum level of finished goods in order to deliver the goods as soon as the order is received.

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