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Branched Pipe

When three or more reservoir are connected by means of pipe having one junction is called as branched pipe.

Let three reservoir are A, B and C are connected at junction D.

From shows, the flow from reservoir takes place to junction D. The flow from B takes place to junction D and the flow from Junction D is towards reservoir C.

Consider flow from A to D, applying Bernoulli’s equation.

ZA = ZD + PD/ γ + hf1

For flow form B to D, applying Bernoulli’s equation,

ZB = PD/ γ + ZD + hf2

For flow from D to C, applying Bernoulli’s equation.

ZD + PD/ γ = Zc + hf3

Where  hf = head loss due to friction,

hf = fLQ2 / 12.1d5

From continuity equation,

Discharge through AD + discharge through Bd = discharge through DC

Q1 + Q2 = Q3

With the help of these four equation, the unknown value of branched pipes can be determined.

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