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Development of Boundary Layer

Rex  =  Ux /  v

Where  U = Free stream velocity
            x  = Distance from leading edge
            v = Kinematics viscosity

Boundary layer on long, flat surface with sharp leading edge

•    The boundary layer starts at the leading edge of the solid boundary and the boundary layer thickness increase with the distance x along the surface.

•    The most important changes take place in the nature of flow as the boundary layer grows. This is known as development as boundary layer.

•    The boundary layers begin at the leading edge of the plate, where the flow is laminar and velocity profile is approximately parabolic.

•    Due to the increase in the thickness of boundary layer, the laminar layer becomes unstable and the motion within it becomes disturbed.

•    The irregularities of flow developed into turbulence, and the thickness fo the layer increases more rapidly.

•    The short length over which the nature of flow changes from laminar to turbulent is called as Transition zone.

•    The velocity in turbulence zone is logarithmic

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