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Dimensional Analysis


•    Dimensional analysis is a mathematical technique which deals with the dimensions of the physical quantities involved in the phenomenon.

•    Some problems of fluid mechanics are very complex in nature and also very difficult to solve. The solution of such problems is considerably simplified by the use of dimensional analysis.

•    It is based on the assumption that the phenomenon can be expressed by a dimensionally homogenous equation with certain variables.

•    Now-a-days, dimensional analysis is widely used in research work for developing design criteria and also for conducting model tests.

Advantages of Dimensional Analysis:

1.    By dimensional analysis, the functional relationship between dependent and non-dependent variables can be expressed into dimensionless terms.

2.    In model testing, it reduces the number of variables into three number.

3.    By dimensional analysis, design curves can be developed from experimental data or direct solution of the problem.

4.    It is used to change the theoretical equation into a simple dimensionless form.

5.    By dimensional analysis, any complex fluid flow phenomenon can be easily solved.

6.    It helps to convert the units of quantities from one system to the another system.

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