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Flow Net

•    A grid obtained by drawing a series of streamlines ψ and equipotential lines Φ is known as a flow net.

•    Flow net provides a simple graphical technique for studying tow-dimensional irrotational flows, when the mathematical calculation is difficult and cumbersome.

•    The streamlines ψ and equipotential lines Φ are mutually perpendicular to each other.

•    The stream lines are so spaced that rate of flow Q is same between each successive pair of lines.

•    The stream lines in flow net show the direction of flow and the equinoctial lines join the points the equal velocity potential Φ.

Condition for Drawing Flow Net:

•    The flow net should be steady so that the stream line patterns will remain constant.
•    The flow should be irrotational which has negligible viscosity.
•    Flow net should not be governed by the gravity force to maintain the fixed pattern of flow net.

Methods used for Drawing the Flow Nets:

•    Analytical Method.
•    Graphical Method.
•    Electrical Analogy Method.

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