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Hot Wire Anemometer

•    The hot wire anemometer measures the instantaneous velocity at a point.

•    It is consists of a small sensing element which is placed in the flow field at that point where the velocity is to be measured.

•    The sensing element is a short thin wire of platinum or tungsten connected to a suitable electronic circuit.

•    It is based on principle that the electrical resistance of a wire is a function of its temperature.

•    The temperature is depends upon the surrounding fluid density and so that the rate of heat transfer increases with increasing in  velocity of flow past the wire.

•    By maintaining the constant either voltage across the wire or current though the wire by a suitable circuit, the change in current or voltage respectively become a measure of velocity pasts the hot wire.

•    It is mainly used for measuring the velocity of gases. It has proved less successful in liquids because bubbles and smaller solid particles tends to collect on the wire and spoil the calibration. It is also used to measure turbulent flow by using proper probe.

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