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Moody’s Diagram

•    L.F. Moody’s diagram is a graph plotted to find Darcy-Weisbach friction factor for commercial pipe.

•    The diagram is plotted in the form of frictional factor verses Reynold’s number Re curves for various value of relative roughness (R/k.)

•    It is similar to Nikuradse’s plot expect for the transition regions.

•    Moody’s has plotted curve for equation.

1 / √f - 2 log10 (R / k)  =  1.74 - 2 log10 ( 1 + 18.7 R/k / Re√f )

•    Which helps to determine friction factor the curve if the numerical values of R/k and Re of flow is known.

•    The value of equivalent sand grain roughness k is depends on the condition of material. As the pipe become older the roughness increase due to corrosion.

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