Advantages Of Organization Chart

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Advantages of Organization Chart

Organization chart offers following advantages to the organization:

1.    Clarity of organization structure :

An organization is a complex set of relationships amongst departments and individuals and individuals which cannot theoretically be understood by a layman. Organization charts makes it easy for people within and outside the organization to understand how and organization is torture into units and sub-units.

2.    Authority-responsibility relationships:

The principle of unit of command indicates vertical flow of authority and responsibility from top to bottom and bottom to top respectively. Each person is aware o his relationship with superiors and peers and knows the limitations within which he has to work.

Written definitions of authority and responsibility limit ht eared of discretion of every individual and define when he can use his imagination, creativity and initiative to carry out the assigned work. Clarity of authority and responsibility also facilitates control as every person so accountable for the tasks assigned to him.

3. Location of experts:

In case any problem arises in any functional area of the organization, locating the right person who can solve the problem is facilitating through organization charts.

4. Location of potential areas of conflict:

These are division of work so that every person is assigned task according to his skill and expertise. Due care is taken to see that no part of the work is left undistributed there is no duplication of work assigned to two persons. In case that happens, it can be easily located on the organization charts. These charts, thus, help to avoid overlapping of activities.

5. Scope for organizational Improvement:

Conflicts in relationships amongst people in the existing set up can be pointed inches charts. These charts, thus, help to improve organizational relationships.

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