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Brand Management Process

This is a process that entails interaction between advertisers, manufacturers, sales personnel and copywriters.

The process has four steps;

1. Brand position identification and establishment.

This is done by analysis of the following aspects;

Brand Judgment – Is the manner in which customers perceive the brand in terms of evaluations and personal opinions.

Brand Feelings – Is the customers’ emotional reaction to the brand.

Brand performance – Is the ability of the brand to meet and exceed the customer expectations.

Brand salience – Is the level of customer knowledge of the brand.

Brand resonance – Is the level of ownership or association the customer has with the brand.

2. Establishment of brand marketing programs.

They revolve around the physical product, it’s pricing and channels of distribution.

These programs entail use of new technology frontiers such as use of emails and social networking forums. Such programs are; intellectual marketing that is associated with the customer experience on the brand, direct marketing that solely relates to study of the behavior of an individual customer.The seller then suggests the brand that matches the customers’ habits or needs.

3. Brand performance measurement and interpretation.

Is vital as it helps in identification of the brands strengths and weaknesses. It is done through evaluation of the financial value of the brand and its equity. Brand equity is measured by the customers brand loyalty,awareness, associations and their perceived quality.

4. Brand equity growth and sustainability.

This is acquired through competitive differentiation, brand consistency, legal protection of the brand and brand longevity and sustainability.