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Business Growth

Business growth means increase into eh scale of business operations along dimension like use of resources, volume of output, new product lines, new markets, productivity, managerial efficiency, etc. Business growth indicates improved organizational performance. It can be pursued along the following lines:

        1. Add products, services, markets or functions to the existing business operation.
        2. Increase the speed of activities within the existing business operations.

Thus, improvement in the existing line of operations and adding more lines to the existing line of operations (markets, products, technology etc.) indicate business growth.

Growth indicates financial and non-financial improvement in business operations. There re no specific measures of growth. Firms different in size, producing different products, and employing different techniques of production and operating in different environments are assessed by different indicators of growth. Some common indicators that measure business growth are savings, value of assets, technological progress, development of human capital, organizational efficiency, volume of output, value of output and sales.

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