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Case Research Design

Case research is the most widely used formal research design. It ca be carried out in the areas such as a survey of consumer attitudes toward a new product concept or it may be conducted in a library by the survey of abailable secondary data. But it is generally used for collecting cases. The collected acases are the typical studies generally used to find three features as follows:

1.    Features which are common to all cases in the general groups;
2.    Features which are not common to all cases, but are common to certain sub-groups; and
3.    Features which are unique to a specific case.

Case data are usually gathered in the field through either observation or personal interview method. Case data may be presented in either one or a two-dimensional format. Generally, analysis in case research does not use the sophisticated quantitative and statistical techniques. The stress is more on qualitative analysis of collected data.

Conclusions are drawn from comparisons and differences among various points. In some instance, the investigator is more interested in first tow groups of above listed features, e.g., those that are common a to all in class and those that are common to all in a sub-class. In other instances he latter two groups of features may be more important, i.e., those features which are common to a sub-group and those features which are unique to an individual case.

Thus, the case design of research is based on the specific objects of a study and is primarily a question of sampling. If factors common to all items of group are sought, then a representative group of cases from the universe of buyers might be selected.

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