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Corporate Level Strategy

This strategy is made for the corporate enterprise as a whole. It is related to companies which produce more than one product. At this level of strategy, management is mainly concerned with two questions:

     (a) What kind of business should the company be in?
     (b) How should resources be allocated to those businesses?

This strategy helps in deciding the best business lines so that limited resources can be optimally allocated to those lines. It emphasizes on the entire organization and co-ordinates the activities of different business lines to attain the overall goals. It sis formulated but top management, though managers at different levels assist the top manager in making strategies.

A corporate strategy is “a type of strategy that addresses what businesses the organization will operate how the strategies of those businesses will be coordinated to strengthen the organization’ competitive position, and how resources will be allocated among the businesses.”

Corporate-strategies can be of the following types;
      (a) Growth strategy
      (b) Stability strategy
      (c) Defensive or retrenchment strategy
      (d) Combination strategy

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