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Creativity in Decision-Making

Creativity means creating something new. In the context of business, it means creation of new ideas, new method or new product/ service. Max H. Baseman defines creativity as the “cognitive process of developing an idea, concept, commodity, or discovery that is viewed as novel by its creator or a target audience.” According to Teresa M. Amiable,:” Creativity is not a quality of a person; it is a quality of ideas, of behaviors or products.”

The creative approach to problem saving assumes the following:
1.    There is always a better way of doing things. Past precedents, habits and conventional ways of doing things cannot always guide the future courses of action.
2.    Problems always have diverse perspectives. Each perspective should be probed, questions should be raised and answers should be found.
3.    Things should not be taken for granted. Problems should be redefined and obvious facts should be challenged.
4.    There is always scope for improvement. Mangers should move from traditional ways to modern, computer-aided ways of managing organization.
5.    Managers should not be afraid of failures. Initial failures will lead to ultimate success.

Creativity in decision-making results in organizational innovation, development of new technology or new products.

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