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Critical path Method

CPM determines critical activities for completing the project assumes expected time as time taken to compete the project and concentrated on critical sequence of activates to optimize the use of time and resources. It concentrates, therefore only on the critical path and not the whole project.

CPM also plans and controls various sequences of events and activities similar to PERT with the difference that:

(a)    PERT specifies the expected time to compete various activities based on three time
         estimates; CPM gives one time estimate for competing each activity.

(b)    PERT identifies only time estimates but CPM identifies both time and cost estimates. PERT
         is, therefore, used where time factor is important for completing the project and CPM is used
         where both time and costs are important.

(c)    PERT deals with projects whose activities are non-recurring in nature. CPM is used where
         standard activities are performed to complete the project, that is, where time for completing
         the activates is known.

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