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Decision-Making and Planning

Planning and decision-making are related to each other in the following ways:
   1. The process of planning involves decagon-making regarding organizational
     Objectives and plans.
  2. Both decision-making and planning requires value judgment, creativity and
      innovative thinking by managers.

  3. Plans and decisions are related to achievement of goals.

  4. Planning and decisions-making are continuous and pervasive processes.
      Managers perform them ate all levels.

  5. Efficiency of planning is largely determined by the efficiency of decision.
      Good decisions lead to good plans and vice-versa.

   6. Planning and decision-making exploit environmental opportunities and
       threats to match organizational strengths and weaknesses.

   7. Managers planed and decide for every situation- risk, certainty and 

    8. Decision-making and planning are based on forecasts ands assumptions
        about environmental factors.

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