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Direct Mailing

Two distinctive features of direct mailing method are that the system is selective and that it is personal. It is selective because the approaches are made directly only to those who have been identified as the target audience. It is personal because the letter and other publicity materials are mailed either by name or by designation of the identified receiver.

The crucial first step in direct mailing method is the preparation of mailing list. Once the list is ready, the letter and other printed materials are to be designed in a way so as to give a personal touch. The receiver must fell that it is not a routine letter but something different and personal. Direct mailing is generally less costly than advertising. Another most important requisite is the preparation of suitable sales literature. Sales literature can take the following forms: (1) company brochure or leaflet (2) product leaflets (3) price list (4) catalogues containing full listing and basic description of specific products.

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