Distinction Between Marketing And Selling

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Distinction Between Marketing And Selling

The marketing concept is a course of business thinking, while marketing is a process or a course of business action .Naturally marketing is influenced by the course of buses thinking (i.e. customer-orientation). Marketing concept focuses on customers for earning profits through marketing. But formerly marketing focused on products to earn profits through sales volume and followed sales promotion techniques for this purpose. Thus, marketing concept makes a sharp distinction between marketing and selling.

Marketing involves the design of the products acceptable to consumers and the conduct of those activates which facilitate the transfer of ownership between the seller and buyers. But selling is the performance of those activities which leas to obtaining orders form customers and supplying them the products. Thus, it involves activities connected with the sale of goods already produce nod.  But in case of marketing the emphasis is on customer wants. Selling concentrates merely on first determines what the customers’ wants are and then plans how to profitably make the delivery of product to satisfy those wants. Marketing emphasizes buyer’s needs whereas selling emphasis seller’s need. “ Selling focuses on the needs of the seller, marketing on the needs of the buyer, ‘ selling’ is preoccupied with the seller ‘s need to convert this product into cans, ‘ market with the idea of satisfying the needs of the consumer by mean of the product and the whole cluster of thing associated with creating, delivering, and finally consuming It”.

Selling comes after the production has been undertaken, but marketing comes before the beginning of ht reproduction cycle and epitomizes even after the sale has been effected because ‘after sale service’ may be necessary to satisfy the wants term and embraces selling which is only a part of promotion activities.

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