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Effective Motivation

To create and sustain the feeling of self or inner-motivation (or to make the motivation process effective), managers consider the following factors:

1.    Development of self:

Before trying to develop others, manages should develop themselves in the art and skill of motivation. Managers must analyze how well his own behave out can assist him in modifying the behavior of others. Motivating employees, thus, help in the development of manages.

2.    Workers’ participation:

Self-motivation is a greater force than external motivation. If workers have ability, experience and willingness to take part in managerial decision-making, they should be allowed to do so to promote self-motivation.

3.    Job enrichment and Hob rotation:

Making the jobs challenging and varied motivates the employees to accept those hobs.

4.    Management by results:

Motivation enables employees to set objectives and compare their performance with the standards. Subordinates become result-oriented and feel motivated to achieve their targets.

5.    Realize human behavior-Their motives and abilities:

Managers keep organizational objectives in mind when they direct human behavior. In creating an effective motivational environment, managers also keep in mind the abilities, motives and willingness of the subordinates to work and Sould their behavior to achieve the organization goals. Subordinates are made to realize that contribution to organizational goals will enable them to achieve their personal goals also.

6.    Create a suitable work environment:

A suitable environment or work culture should be created in the organization where workers feel motivated to achieve the goals. Congenial working conditions, harmonious superior-subordinate relationships, flexible working hours, neat and tidy work place motivate the workers.

7. Healthy criticism:

No human being is perfect. One learns through mistakes. If employees commit mistakes, managers should not criticism him. Rather, they should sit with him , discuss the issues, try to solve them and explain the ways of handling that situation efficiently so that mistakes do not occur in future, If managers consult employees’ behavior with them, It motivates them to work harder.

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