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Elements of Corporate Culture

Johnson (1988) described a cultural web, identifying a number of elements that can be used to describe or influence corporate culture:

1.    The paradigm:

It represents what the organization is about; what it does; its mission;  its values.

2.    Control systems:

It explains the processes in place to monitor what is going on. Role cultures have vest rulebook. There is more reliance on individualism in a power culture.

3.    Organizational structure:

It represents reporting lines, hierarchies, and the way work flows through the bushiness.

4. Power structures:

It defines who makes the decision, how widely spread is the power, and on what is power based?

5. Symbols:

These include the logos and designs, but would extend to symbols of power, such as car parking spaces and executive washrooms.

6. Rituals and routines:

These are the management meetings, boarded reports and so on which may become more habitual than necessary.

7. Stories and myths:

Stories and myths built about people and events, convey a message about what is valued witching the organization.

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