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ERG Theory

The drawbacks of Maslow’s theory led to the emergence of an alternative need theory called ERG theory. It is formulated by Clayton Alerter. The basis of this theory is the need hierarchy of Maslow. The five needs as specified by Maslow are clubbed into three by Clayton Alerter in ERG need theory. These are: Existence needs, Relatedness needs, and Growth needs.

(a)    Existence needs:

The physiological and safety needs of Maslow’s need hierarchy are termed as existence needs. This is the basic need that individuals wish to satisfy.

(b)    Relatedness needs:

These are similar to social needs of a person. They pertain to out desire to belong to a group to share our cultural, eti9cal and social values. They have great influence o our work behavior also. As the existence needs are satisfied, fully or partially, people concentrate on their relatedness needs.

(c)    Growth needs:

The ego and self-actualization needs are equated with the growth needs. The need for creativity, innovation and desire to make thing happen in our internal and external environment reflect the desire of an individual to develop his overall personality. The full or part satisfaction of relatedness needs creates the potential in people to fulfill their growth needs.

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