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Essentials Of Modern Marketing

1.    The approach of present day marketing is economic , progressive an active rather than
2.    Markets of today represent tendency towards the “equilibrium” of traditional economic doctrine
        i.e., supply and demand lead to be equated.
3.    The present concept of modern marketing is that exists to “create customers” rather than to
       “create products. “ The orientation is directed towards making markets rather making products.
4.    Marketing today portrays a concept of a total but process that begins with product development
       and ends only the goods are in the possession of satisfied consumer.
5.    At one time consumers were supplied with product present Marketing management operates
       in the reverse fashion seeing to tit that products are madras the consumers want them.
6.    Modern marketing has to do with the building of main market building invoices definite
       objectives, strategies, policies programmers: products and service must be developed
        promoted campaigns organized and executed and financing arranged.
7.    Marketing system increases total satisfaction any enabling more people to enjoy the benefits of
       natural resources, technology and specialization that would be possible without the exchange
       goods and services.

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