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Experience Surveys

Individuals with expertise, knowledge, and ideas about research subject may be questioned. Such people include top executives, sales managers, other relevant people of the company in question and companies making similar products; and consumers who have used product of the type in question or have had an occasion to need such a product. This process does not include a scientifically conducted statistical survey. Rather, it reflects an attempt to get all available information form the people who have some particular knowledge of subject under investigation.

Unfortunately, because of limited experience with the problem at hand, lack of ability as observers, inability to express their ideas, and the most individuals are unable to give new insights into the marketing problem. Therefore, if time and effort are to be used economically, it is necessary to dingle out those individuals who are more imaginative and articulate in given opinions.

Despite the desire to find those individuals who have ideas, it is important not to concentrate the investigation only among the better educated and more articulate persons. Since the objective of an exploratory research is to find new ideas, it is important to give respondents the maximum possible freedom of response.

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