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Factorial Design

It the factorial design, the experimenter attempts to measure the influence of interacting variables on the dependent variables. For example he increase in sales might be related to income of store buyers and display of soap packets at the store showcase, or the change in sales might be associated with improved package design and display store’s showroom. The assumption on which the factorial design is based is that there is interaction amongst the factors themselves, which are considered. For example, if toilet soap is sold at higher prices at stores serving higher income groups and at lower prices at stores serving higher income groups and at lower prices at other stores, how much successful would be the venture. The design used may be a randomized block or a Latin square. Any of these designs may be used yet, the analysis of variance as applied to the results becomes more complex. As the design is more complex so full details of this design are beyond the scope of this text. Students are advised to consult a book on experimentation for comprehensive coverage of the factorial design.

In a nutshell, we discussed the basic concepts of experimentation and various types of randomized and non-randomized experimental research designs. The researcher should carefully choose the appropriate research design.

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