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Features of Change

Change is characterized by the following features:

1.    Movement from one state of balance to another:

Change involves moving from the existing state of balance to a new level of equilibrium.

2. In whole or parts:

It may involve change in some parts of the organization (technology, structure or people) or the organization as a whole.

3. Pervasive activity:

The process of change is not restricted to one organization or one century. It is a worldwide phenomenon. The whole world, all countries, every organization along with its members and all individuals change their pattern of working. However, the nature and magnitude of change is different for different organizations.

4. Responsive to environmental factors:

External and internal environmental factors enforce change in the organization set up. (Various environmental factors are discussed.

5. Continuous process:

Change is not a one-time process. Organizations continue to change their policies to survive and grow in the competitive markets.

6. Essential activity:

Change is not a force that organizations may or may not respond to. If organization wants to survive, change has to be accepted by them. They can, however, plan the change or react change. The former approach to change is better for organizational development and growth.

7. Change agents:

Change is a deliberate attempt initiated by change agents. Change agents can eternal or external to the organization. Internal change agents can be top executives of the organization. External agents are outside experts or advisors appointed by executives to initiate the change process.

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