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Features of Management

Management is an activity:

It is an activity of getting things done through others. It insoles coordinated efforts of a group of people towards a common and in highly structured organizations like Reliance or Infosys or social organizations like a club or an NGO.

Management is a process:

Management gets things done through others by management process which helps t achieve organizational goals through functions of management.

Management is required for every type of organization:

Both business and non-business organizations need effective management for achievement of their objectives.

Management is required at all organizational levels:

Management is required at all the levels- top, middle and lower levels of the organization, though the degree of management is different at different levels.

Management is goal- oriented:

The success of organization is measured by achievement of its goals and management plays a significant role in goal achievement achievement.

Management is intangible:

Management cannot be seen or felt. The result of management can be observed by comparing a well managed organization with a poorly managed organization.

Management is dynamic:

Management is an ever changing discipline of knowledge. Management was not very important during the early years of 1900s even in highly institutionalized countries. The main decision-making authority used to be the Government.

Management is a discipline:

Though management seeks ideas and cancers from other fields of study, such as psychology, behavioral sciences, sociology, year it is a complete discipline in itself.

Management and society:

Though management is a separate discipline which aims at accomplishment of pre-determined organizational goals, yet its impact on the society cannot be overlooked. Management is governed by social values, culture and beliefs.

Management is a group effort:

Management as a function or activity or a process is not undertaken by a single person. It is the co- ordinate effort of a group of people that envisions future of the organization, sets its goals, makes plans and policies, implements them and controls its working through an effective feedback mechanism.

Management is a global function:

Management is but confined to a specific society culture. It is a global phenomenon. In the present scenario, the concept of national in, the would is becoming a single economy, a single market.

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