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Feed forward Control

Before staring the production process, organization needs inputs in the form of men, material, money and other resources. Feed forwardd control checks these inputs. It chooses the best inputs to avoid defective outputs which do not conform to standards. Rather than contributing to organizational goals, these outputs will create problems and cost management extra time and money to reform them.

The input controls monitor resources like materials and personnel.

The material must be of the right quality. Depending on the nature and value of material, either every unit of material is tested or sample checking is done. If sample is of the right quality, whole lot of material is presumed to conform to the standard quality y.

To fill various jobs, it is essential that people are qualified and experienced for the job. Job description and job specification are the tools for controlling section so that right person is select for the right job.

Feed forward controls can be applied at operating level and strategic level.

At the operating level, managers anticipate various problems and take steps to face them in future. Preparing budgets is the most common and simple technique of predicting fore activities and their impact on present activates. If managers foresee cash deficit in future, they make arrangements for funds to meet theist deficits.

At the strategic level. Managers anticipate environmental changes (technological, political, legal etc.) that will affect organizational policies. Feed forward controls prepare managers to face the changes and incorporate them in their operational practices so the goals an be achieve effectively.

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