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Foreign Environment

Home-based export expansion-measures are necessaries related tot eh conditions obtaining in possible markets abroad. A firm has to overcome various constraints and adopt its plat and operations to suit foreign environmental condition to gain initial market access and to carry on its marketing activities efficiently with the framework of the marketing system in the chosen foreign markets. The main elements of foreign environment effecting marketing activities of a firm in foreign country consists of the following:

Political Dimensions

These include factors like political and economic system of the country and its economic and business institute, Government policy, regulations and control-mechanism regarding the country’s foreign trade and commercial relations with other countries or groups of countries. Government attitude policy and preference towards imports and their source, foreign capital inflow and marketing activities by foreign enterprise, Government policy and regulatory system regarding import restrictions (if any), foreign exchange regulations, tax and price control, fiscal and monetary policy, and various other elements origin from governmental policy and regulator mechanism in respect foreign trade management.

Economic Dimensions

The main elements of economic dimensions include: level, rate and direction of economic growth of the country. Per capita GAP, standard of living consumption level and pattern. Rate of growth in purchasing power and disposable income. Extent of country’s dependability on import of consumer or industrial goods or raw materials, balance of payment position and other indications of economic vitality.

Cultural Dimensions

The cultural dimensions of foreign marketing environment include all forces; customs, traditions and institutions which constitute the cultural milieu of a nations and in a large measure would the distinctive way of life of a group of people. The religions, educational, family and social institutions of the society greatly influence the total marketing system and the people behave and satisfy their needs. Consumer preference, life styles, castes, consumption habits and the like cold be visibly different form one suture to another, although there might be closer similarities in economic or political condition.

Legal Dimension

The legal dimension of international marketing environment include all laws and regulations regarding, product specifications and standards, packaging and labeling, copyright, trade marks and patents, health and safety regulations particularly in respect of foods and drugs, promotional methods and advertising, trade margin and mark-ups, etc. The legal aspects of marketing abroad have severe implications, which and exporting firm needs to know closely.

Geographic Dimensions

These include climatic features, altitude, temperature, humidity, etc., which affect the use and functionality of products and equipment, transportation, distribution etc.

Business Dimensions

These include business customs and practices, distributive structure and channel network, competitions pattern, means and methods of marketing, communications and all other factors related to the conduct of marketing activities.

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