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Global Competencies

Competencies are the knowledge, behavioral skills. And personal attributes required for excellent performance in a role, function, or specific business. Competency. Developments are important for leadership development.

Global competencies are the role, function, or business outside the company’s home culture. It involves contact with people from one or more unfamiliar cultures. Global competencies form the database for international human resource performance management.

The Global competency development is the process of coasting data about firm’s manages and employees to build understanding of the skills. Knowledge. And attributes required for outstanding performance, in the company worldwide.

A global competency model is a system of tailored competencies and their applications to coordinate the performance of employees, worldwide. With the goals of the organization. It enables the decision-makers to wisely select, develop, deploy, align and evaluate people who build worldwide business linkages to improve company’s revenues at home and abroad.

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